The Structure of the Study Programme

The study programme Teaching Methodology of Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography), Mathematics and Informatics is a PhD programme in social studies and humanities carried out by the Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad. Its duration is 3 academic years (6 semesters), with a total volume of 180 ECTS with previously accumulated at least 300 ECTS at first cycle academic studies and master studies.

The PhD thesis is an integral part of the study programme.

A student who successfully completes the three-year study programme and defends the PhD thesis receives the title of PhD in Teaching Methodology of Natural Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography), Mathematics and Informatics.

The Purpose of the Study Programme

The purpose of the study programme is to continue comprehensive education of the best students in the field of natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry, geography), mathematics and informatics who express interest in the study of didactic-methodical and psychological-pedagogical disciplines, to offer selection of subjects tailored to the needs of individual students and to prepare them for future professional work and titles in education and science institutions in compliance with the law, as well as in government educational departments  for professional, developmental and monitoring activities.

Discipline specific content of the curriculum and interdisciplinary approach contribute to a flexible system of knowledge in natural sciences, psychology, pedagogy, didactics and teaching methodology, which enables PhD students to comprehend basic theoretical framework of contemporary education (from primary to university level). Pedagogy, psychology and methodology subjects completely meet the standards of contemporary teaching of natural sciences, mathematics and informatics. Methodology of scientific work and Didactics of natural sciences, mathematics and informatics and other elective methodology or discipline specific subjects introduce the students to theoretical didactical generalisations within the disciplines and enhance scientific research in the field of education in natural sciences, mathematics and informatics.

The Goals of the Study Programme

The objective of this programme is to integrate different scientific fields, fundamental and applied sciences, mathematics, and informatics, with didactic-methodological, pedagogical and psychological fields in order to educate and qualify professionals who will clearly understand and apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in contemporary education in natural sciences, mathematics and informatics.

The objective is achieved by a unique programme integrating scientific disciplines essential for realisation of the teaching process in modern setting and according to modern education demands.

The students obtain high level of knowledge and comprehension of current problems in natural sciences, mathematics and informatics education process and skills to problem solving which qualifies them for scientific, research and professional challenges as well as for implementation of original ideas into teaching practice.

The Skills of Students upon Completion of the Programme

The PhD in Teaching Methodology holder is competent to manage the research team, teach at higher education institutions, manage the school administration, supervise the teaching process of natural sciences, mathematics and informatics, equally participate in teams of experts at the Centre for Education and Professional Development of education in their areas, Institute for textbook publishing, teaching methods centres, etc. The experts of this profile are competent to work in multidisciplinary teams, to identify and solve problems in education, to act in an ethical and professionally responsible manner, to communicate effectively, and to apply teaching methodology and modern technology in his work.

The Curriculum

Total length of the studies is 3 academic years (6 semesters) during which the student should obtain at least 180 ECTS. One academic year consists of two semesters.

The studies comprise 6 elective subjects total value of 15 ECTS each (total value 90 ECTS).  Out of the total 6 subjects, a student has to collect 75 ECTS from the list of psychological-pedagogical and teaching methodology subjects (5 subjects – 15 ECTS each), and the remaining 15 ECTS have to be collected from the selected discipline specific subject, depending on the doctoral dissertation topic. A student selects subjects from the list of pedagogical, psychological and teaching methodology upon consultations with the advisor (assigned by the Council of the Department for each candidate) and mentor. The preparation of the PhD is a study and research work which includes publishing a paper in a relevant journal from the Kobson list (Serbian Citation Index).

Ph.D. in Education – the list of elective courses