Student web serviceTeacher web serviceEmailVPNWireless

Student web service (ePortal) is located at:

In addition to this, PMF students can also use the following:

To use the service, it is necessary to activate the option for PMF email address on the student portal

The user name for the wireless, email, VPN and cloud service is the full PMF email address.

The Moodle username is the student identity card number.

All queries, suggestions and a description of any operational problems should be sent to the Laboratory for Information Systems Development at Specific queries regarding the Moodle can be sent to:

Teacher web service provides teachers with an insight into the course schedule, list of courses, list of students enrolled for the course, exam reports and human resources data. Department coordinators can enter course schedule.

The service is located at:

All queries, suggestions and a description of any operational problems should be sent to the Laboratory for Information Systems Development at

Email can be used through a local client program (Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) or webmail at:

Configuring an email client to work with a PMF email server

Local client account can be POP3 or IMAP. POP3 saves email messages from an email server to a local email inbox and, depending on the settings, deletes downloaded messages from the server immediately or with a delay (after a specified period). IMAP synchronizes the local email inbox with the email server. It is recommended to use IMAP.

Name: full name
Username: full email address (include the domain after @)
Password: password for accessing PMF web service

SMTP server:
SMTP port/protocol: 587/STARTTLS or 465/SSL
Authentication method: normal password

IMAP server:
IMAP port/protocol: 143/STARTTLS or 993/SSL
Authentication method: normal password

POP3 server:
POP3 port/protocol: 110/STARTTLS or 995/SSL
Authentication method: normal password

Set up for Windows 10

  • Launch Settings, then Network & Internet
  • Choose to create a VPN connection
    VPN provider: Windows Built-in
    Connection name: PMF
    Server name or address:
    VPN type: Automatic
    Type of sign-in info: Username and password
    Username: your PMF username
    Password: your PMF password
  • Save
  • Click on the newly created connection then choose Advanced Options. Under VPN proxy settings select Use setup script, and enter in the Script address line: http://wpad.pmf.lan/wpad.dat
  • Apply

Set up for Ubuntu Linux

  • Open the terminal and type the following three commands:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eivnaes/network-manager-sstp
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt install network-manager-sstp sstp-client
  • In Network Manager create new VPN SSTP connection
    name: PMF-sstp
    username: vas PMF username
    password: vas PMF password
  • Turn off IPv6 for the created connection, via GUI or command:
    nmcli connection modify “PMF VPN” ipv6.method “disabled”

Set up for Mac OSX

  • Send an e-mail at in order to get a pre-shared key
  • Open “system preference”, then “network”
  • Click on “+” to create a new vpn connection, for its type choose “L2TP over IPSec”
    service name: PMF
    server address:
    account name: your_PMF_username
  • Click on “Authentication Settings”
    “User Authentication”, “Password”: your_PMF_password
    “Machine Authentication”, “Shared Secret”: the_one_you_received_by_email_from_us
  • Click on “Advanced” and turn on the option “Send all traffic over VPN connection”
  • Click on “Proxies”, choose “Automatic Proxy Configuration” and enter

There are two wireless networks in the PMF building:

  • PMF
  • eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) wireless network is a secure, world-wide wireless service developed for international research and educational communities. It allows internet access to students, researchers and staff within university campus sites of all international institutions participating in the project.

To access the PMF and eduroam networks, a PMF user account must be created. Access is available to all employees and students.

If students have not previously used PMF email or VPN service, first they have to activate their option for PMF email address on the student portal before using the PMF or eduroam wireless networks.


Connection type: WPA2 Enterprise
EAP method: PEAP
Phase 2: MS-CHAPv2
CA certificate: none (do not check)
Anonymous identity: none
Username: your PMF username
Password: your PMF password

For support in accessing the networks, students and staff can contact the administrators of the PMF Network (Office 8 on the ground floor of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics / Department of Physics).