The Faculty of Sciences provides an opportunity for individuals to receive higher education under equal conditions, with respect for human rights and civil liberties, including the prevention of all forms of discrimination. In order to achieve these goals, the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad supports these individuals by removing disparities and reducing further exposure to discrimination of vulnerable groups.

Vulnerable groups are:

  1. Students with disabilities;
  2. Students from minority groups;
  3. Students of poor financial status;
  4. Students who have difficulty adjusting to the new environment and are academically challenged, etc.

Support system offered to students at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad comprises the following services:

I Student information services

  1. Enhancement of the student standard (offering information on student loans, scholarships, affirmative measures, measures offered by the University or Faculty about the tuition fee waivers, payment of tuition fees in installments, etc.);
  2. Initial orientation (providing information on the Faculty of Sciences, student life and activities, study program regulations, etc.);
  3. Informing students about other available services (information on other services provided by the Faculty or the University, such as assistive equipment, tutoring, etc.);
  4. Representing student interests in the field of study and student standards before the competent bodies and institutions;
  5. Informing the teaching staff about the needs of students from particular target groups.

II Advisory services

  1. Tutoring;
  2. Assistance in choosing field of study;
  3. Assistance in applying for scholarships, donations, awards, etc.

III Student Needs Monitoring Activities

  1. Monitoring and identifying problems that target groups are faced with;
  2. Monitoring the changes in the structure of the student population at the Faculty of Sciences (based on the admission forms).

IV Coordination of student support activities provided by the Faculty of Sciences, the University, other faculties and other relevant institutions and organizations

The procedure and support methods are defined by the Rules of Procedure for Student Support.

Based on these problems and difficulties, weaknesses are identified and recommendations are made, followed by proposed measures for their reduction. The main aim of the measures is to develop this area, to improve the study conditions for the students and make the studies easier and better.

Svetlana Škrbić
Independent Professional Associate for Studies and Student Affairs / Person in charge of planning student support for vulnerable groups Dean’s OfficeOffice 7 (ground floor)
Jelena Martinović
President of the Student Parliament DBE buildingOffice near the glasshouse (ground floor)
dr Tatjana Pivac
Vice Dean for Education Dean’s OfficesOffice No 11 (mezzanine)
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