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  Ground floor, Office 7 (bachelor studies) and Office 8 (master and doctoral studies)
  +381-21-485-2711,   @StudentskaPMF
  07.00 a.m. – 03.00 p.m., Student Services Desk 11.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m., Diploma issuing Thursdays 9.30 – 11.00 a.m.
  Bank account: 840-1711666-19, reference number for Dean’s Office: 27 6 943

Important notes for payments

When students enrol at the Faculty they obtain their personal reference numbers that are used for all payments to the Faculty during their bachelor studies. The reference number will be changed when they enrol in master or doctoral programmes.

Students are obliged to make payments on time in order to successfully apply for the exams, enrol in the subsequent year of study, verify semester, disenroll or apply for the bachelor thesis defence. Payments should be made several days prior to any application to be visible on financial student account. Student Services do not keep any records of the payment proofs. For any issues regarding money transactions please contact the Accounting Department.

The Academic Council and The Faculty Council have reached the decision upon the request of the Student Parliament to provide the following benefits for the students who donated blood twice during the previous year and obtained the blood donor certificates from the Blood Transfusion Institute:

  • free of charge exam application for senior undergraduates and students with extended status of senior undergraduates during exam periods (January-February, June and September) of the current academic year.
  • 1,000 dinars discount of the semester verification expenses for the students of other study years.
Student Services Staff
Tamara Zorić
Head of the Student Services Department Dean’s OfficesOffice No 8 (ground floor)
Tatjana Ristanović
Mathematics and Informatics Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 6 (ground floor)
Srđan Mandić
Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 7 (ground floor)
+381-21-454-389 +381-21-455-643
Milena Nikolić
Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 7 (ground floor)
+381-21-454-389 +381-21-455-643
Milana Stanimirović
Master and Doctoral Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 8 (ground floor)
Katica Šoškić Knežević
Master and Doctoral Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 8 (ground floor)
Dušanka Prijić
Biology and Ecology Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 7 (ground floor)
+381-21-454-389 +381-21-455-643
Ljiljana Veselinović
Physics and Chemistry Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 7 (ground floor)
+381-21-454-389 +381-21-455-643
Svetlana Škrbić
Independent Professional Associate for Studies and Student Affairs / Person in charge of planning student support for vulnerable groups Dean’s OfficeOffice 7 (ground floor)
Tea Pecelj
Physics and Chemistry Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 7 (ground floor)
+381-21-454-389 +381-21-455-643
Biljana Domazet
Mathematics and Informatics Studies Officer Dean’s OfficesOffice No 6 (ground floor)
    • What do I need to do in order to enroll the next academic year with the government subsidized college tuition?

      You need to go to the college bookshop of the Faculty of Sciences which is located in the ‘blue building’ and ask for the enrolment forms that are needed for the government subsidized college tuition; after you complete these forms you should submit them together with your Student Records Booklet at your Department’s student services desk and pay the amount of 6,500 dinars. Enrollement into new academic year can be done electronically.

    • What is needed to enroll the next academic year with self-funded tuition?

      In the college bookshop in the ‘blue building’, ask for the forms needed for self-funding (you will receive the forms and three contracts), complete them and submit them together with the Student Records Booklet at you Department’s student services desk.

    • How do you calculate tuition fee for the self-funded students?

      According to the formula: FT+ (CB x BRB), where:

      1. FT – fixed expenses 10,000 dinars,

      2. CB – price per credit for the year of the study programme in which the student enrols or re-enrols (Biology and Ecology 1350 dinara, all study programmes at Physics, Geography and Mathematics 750 dinars, Optometry 3480 dinars, Tourism and Hotel Management 1630 dinars, Informatics 1130 dinars, and Chemistry 1630 dinars),

      3. BRB – total number of ECTS for the subjects selected for the current year.

  • How many credit points are needed for the next year enrolment?

    A minimum amount of credit points needed for the next year enrolment are 37 ECTS credit points.

  • What if I gained less than 37 ECTS credit points in the current academic year?

    You can enroll, but it will be considered as the renewal of the academic year for which you did not get 37 credits. In this case you need to pay the total of 16,500 dinars (6,500 enrollment fee and 10,000 dinars renewal fee – 5,000 dinars per semester). You can choose compulsory and elective courses from the following year you wish to attend (you pay the total of ECTS credits for the courses you enrolled, the price per 1 ECTS credit is given for each department). If you gain more than 48 ECTS credits in that academic year, you can enroll the next year on the government budget funding.

  • What do I need for winter semester verification and enrolment in the summer semester?

    For winter semester verification and enrolment in the summer semester you need:

    1. completed semester form for winter semester,
    2. list of subjects to be attended in the summer semester,
    3. proof of payment for 2,200 dinars on you financial account,
    4. completed ŠV form (statistical data form),
    5. completed electronic evaluation form.

    Electronic semester verification is advised.

  • Do I have to complete the surveys in order to proceed with semester verification?

    Yes, you have to complete all the surveys, since the surveys are one of the prerequisites to verify the semester.

  • Can I apply for an exam online at any time?

    Exam application is available only during the period annotated and the latest by 02.00 p.m. on the last day of that period.

    Prior to the electronic exam application, all student debts must be paid for. Otherwise, the electronic system will not allow the exam application procedure.

  • How do I know if my student identity card verification has been completed?

    By logging into the student services online you have insight into your financial transactions. When your payment for the enrolment fees is visible on your account, you may collect your student identity card from the student services desk.

  • Can I verify the semester without the signatures of all the professors?

    You can verify the semester but you will pay the amount of money required for the number of signatures missing and you will prepare a written request for the verification if you lack one or two signatures.

  • What if I am late with the semester verification or the enrolment?

    In the college bookshop, you should get the verification and enrolment forms, complete them and submit them at the student services desk, together with a written request for the late verification or enrolment. Late enrolment costs 12,000 dinars, and late semester verification costs 4,000 dinars.

  • Do I apply for the exams during my fieldwork or practical training?

    All the students who attend fieldwork or practical training during the examination period have to apply for the exams during the prescribed exam application period. Only the students who applied in that period will be allowed additional exam periods to compensate for those in the period of absence.

  • What if I have transferred exams from a previous year?

    You can take a transferred exam at the very first exam period (January – February), but you have to pay the application fee of 2,000 dinars per exam.

    According to the Law on Higher Education and Study Regulations, if the student did not pass the exam prior to hearing the course again, they need to apply for the exam and pay for it (by given credit rates) and attend the course again.

  • What if I would like to take more elective courses from one elective block?

    You can apply for as many electives as you would like, only if they do not exceed the total of 60 ECTS credit points per year, then you pay extra for each credit point based on the tariff of the Department where you are studying.

  • What does it mean when I have an extended student status?

    This year is given to students, after their regular third year (if the studies last for three years), or their fourth year (if the studies last for four years), to complete their studies and pass all the exams. This extended status is given to all the students who were on budget funding in the previous academic year. During this year, students do not have to pay the enrolment fee of 6,500 dinars and they pay a fee of 2,000 dinars for each exam they have transferred. If a student does not pass all the exams during the extended year, they get a new status of retaking the fourth year, so they pay for the enrolment and the verification of the semesters, even though they are not attending any lectures.

  • Do I need to complete electronic ŠV form (statistical data form) if I am in the extended status?

    Yes, all students, even those in the extended status, need to complete the ŠV form when applying for each new semester.

  • What is the procedure for scheduling the bachelor or master thesis defence?

    In order to schedule the bachelor thesis or master thesis defence a student needs to do the following:

    1. Apply for the bachelor thesis defence with the thesis topic at the relevant Department of the Faculty.

    2. File an application for exams transcripts certificate, necessary to schedule the defence at the student services counter (right after the last exam).

    3. Check the student’s financial card status.

    4. Pay the expenses according to the valid price list for the current academic year (when filing the application for exams transcripts certificate).

    5. Obtain the mentor’s approval to print the bachelor thesis.

    6. Submit printed copies of the bachelor thesis to the Office 4 at the ground floor of the main building (“blue building”).

    7. On the day of the scheduled defence bring your student identity card, exam application form, certificate from the library that you have returned the books, and exams transcripts certificate with the purpose of defending a final exam thesis, and the certificate on completed field work or practical training (depending on the relevant Department).

Student Awards

Students apply for the Faculty and University awards (average grade 9.50 and above for all applicants).

Awards are given for the academic achievement, successful completion of the studies and successful completion of each year (active students only).

Awards of the Faculty are transferred to the award winner account. Award winners need to send their updated bank details every year. Contact person is the Officer of the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management.