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About Student Vice Dean

The Student Vice Dean is a member of the Dean’s Collegium delegated on behalf of the Students’ Parliament. He or she represents students’ opinions, proposals and requests before the Dean’s Collegium. They also participate in the activities of other bodies of the Faculty. The term of the Student Vice Dean lasts for one year.

The Student Vice Dean represents a bridge between the students and the Dean’s Collegium. He or she represents the interests of students and helps them exercise their rights, and at the same time, informs them on the activities and meetings of the faculty bodies where he or she participates. Students can approach the Student Vice Dean whenever they have an issue related to their studies. The Student Vice Dean groups the problems according to the lower or higher priority and urgency. Understandably, it cannot be expected that all the issues will be solved but an effort will certainly be put into it. The Student Vice Dean has a formal and informal power to help substantially in finding solutions for the issues between the professors and students. Being a member of the Dean’s Collegium provides an opportunity to present all the issues and find the best solution to students’ issues and requests together with the Dean and other Vice Deans.

The position of the Student Vice Deans involves daily encounters with the students’ issues, participation in the meetings of the Faculty’s Bodies and working towards the solutions to these issues. The Student Vice Deans has to be a person ready to find solutions for other people’s problems on a daily basis, be open for cooperation, be an active listener, patient and objective in order to fight for students’ rights. This positions involves great responsibilities and duties, all aimed at achieving the best possible communication between the students and the faculty, which should be a mutual goal.

The Student Vice Dean is Slađan Jelić, the fourth year student at the Department of Physics. He has been a member of the Students’ Parliament of the Faculty of Sciences for two years, and he is currently a member of the Student’s Parliament of the University of Novi Sad and a member of the Council of the University of Novi Sad.

The Student Vice Dean’s Office is located in the building of the Department of Biology, in the hallway next to the glasshouse. You can schedule a meeting with the Student Vice Dean via email:

How can I make an appointment with the Dean?

There are a lot of steps for solving students’ issues and requests before approaching the Dean of the Faculty. One of the steps is the Student Vice Dean. In order to find the best way for solving your issues or finding answers, we advise you to talk to the Student Vice Dean who has access to all official information and is willing to help you and solve your issue together with you. If the Student Vice Dean is unavailable, you will receive an advice and be referred to the right person at the Faculty who can certainly help you or provide the right answers. If this does not result in an adequate solution, the Student Vice Dean, if necessary, can make an appointment for you with the Dean.

Subsidizing students’ travel expenses

Every student at the Faculty of Sciences is eligible for the refund of the part of their own expenses for student travel. The documents required for the refund of student travel is submitted to the Student Vice Dean.

The documentation should include:

  • A copy of the first to pages in the Student’s Records Booklet
  • A copy of the bank card – front and back
  • Copies of all the receipts related to the student’s travel expenses (transport, accommodation, etc.)
  • A proof of attendance or travel visit (a letter of invitation, a certificate, etc.)

Note: Refunding can be done only for student travel in the current academic year, and documentation should be submitted not later than two months after the travel ended.

The documentation can be submitted in the Office of the Student Vice Dean at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics and the Department of Physics, next to the lecture hall A1 “Mihajlo Pupin”, every day from 11 am to 2 pm.

Activities of the Student Vice Dean
  • Hosting a conference for the Day of the Faculty
  • Formal Reception of the First Year Students
  • Students’ Fair of Professional Development
  • Mock entrance exam for prospective students

Željana Ilić
Student Vice Dean DBE buildingOffice near the glasshouse (ground floor)
About the Student Parliament

The Student Parliament of the Faculty of Science in Novi Sad is the official body engaged in student affairs, which informs the Dean’s Office about the attitudes of students regarding certain issues. It also delegates the students to the Faculty Council, Scientific Council and University Parliament.

The Student Parliament, as the highest form of student organisation, has been provided by the Law on Higher Education.

The Student Parliament is committed to serve all the students in case they have dilemmas, requests, or suggestions since we make joint efforts to enhance student life at our Faculty.

The Student Parliament structure

The Student Parliament members are elected every year at the elections scheduled by the Dean. Students vote for their representatives. Each student of the Faculty is eligible to vote and to be a candidate for the Student Parliament elections.

The Parliament consists of 20 members, students of all years from the Faculty Departments:

  • Four from the Department of Mathematics and Informatics,
  • Three from the Department of Physics,
  • Five from the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management,
  • Four from the Department of Biology and Ecology,
  • Four from the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environment Protection.

Jelena Martinović
President of the Student Parliament DBE buildingOffice near the glasshouse (ground floor)
About the Students’ Union

Students’ Union of the Faculty of Science is the students’ organisation with the tradition of over 30 years. It has been representing the student interests with the aim of improving the quality of the studying process. We are in our premises every day dealing with current issues.

Students’ Union Activities
  • Assistance with the applications during the admission exam and later during the enrolment period for the new students
  • Formal reception for the first year students (“freshmen”)
  • Blood Donation Campaigns
  • All sport events the Faculty takes part in (which also implies the trainings and selection of team members to represent the Faculty)
  • Memorial Football Tournament “Renato Vuković” co-organised with the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environment Protection
  • Memorial Beach Volleyball Tournament “Milica Ležimirac”
  • Scientific conferences and sport competitions for students (Primatijada, Turizmijada, Euroijada, and Kopaonik Conference)
  • Official organisation of the Senior Night of the Faculty of Science under the slogan “Entire Faculty of Science in One Place”
  • Participation in celebrations of the Faculty of Science Anniversaries
  • Parties
  • Student travels (information on the financial support may be obtained from the Student’s Union)
  • Excursions of graduate students
  • Christmas Tree decoration at the Faculty of Science
  • Promoting the Faculty of Science
  • Cooperation with other faculties of science in Serbia and neighbouring countries (Kragujevac, Belgrade, Skopje, Sarajevo)

Boško Živković
President of the Students’ Union
Milorad Ljepoja
Vice President of the Students’ Union