Dear students, colleagues and friends,

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. On our electronic pages you will find all the information you need about our work and mission, our teaching and scientific activities, study programmes and further opportunities offered by our higher education institution. As the Dean responsible for the prosperity of this scientific institution, I am sharing my pleasure and pride with everyone who is part of our faculty.

When the students enrolling our faculty in the academic year 2015/16 graduate, we will be celebrating 50th anniversary of one of the oldest faculties at the University of Novi Sad. Over the past fifty years, we have earned the reputation of one of the leading higher education institutions at the University based on our achieved results in education and scientific research activities. At the same time, our main goals are the development of science, improvement of creativity, as well as our constant efforts to ensure the quality and standards of educational programmes.

The Faculty of Sciences has been a credible partner for years, involved in national and international research and innovation projects. The competence of researchers from The Faculty of Sciences has also been proven by the fact that among the thirty most highly cited researchers from the territory of Vojvodina, up to 20 professors and their associates are from the Faculty of Sciences. We know at the Faculty of Sciences that science must not be narrow and xenophobic and that without keeping up with international trends it will be outdated and eventually disappear. Therefore one of our main priorities is to attract external financing through our participation in international projects, because we are aware of the fact that in this way we can achieve a long-term sustainability and maintain excellent scientific results. Over the past five years, the Faculty of Sciences has realized over 60 international projects, and 16 of them are being implemented at the moment.

Our mission regarding education is to provide students with the highest academic standards and ensure gaining scientific knowledge and professional titles which are in accordance with the requirements of modern and global job market. At the Faculty of Sciences, the educational process is carried out through more than 50 accredited study programmes. Each programme is in line with the real employment demand for young employees, so degrees obtained from the Faculty of Sciences can guarantee finding employment more easily within the obtained competences. We emphasize that this is of crucial importance not only within the borders of our country. All work at our faculty is harmonized with global and European standards in science and education which opens the doors to the world for our graduates.

At the same time, we are aware of the fact that internationalization and global networking are important not only in the domain of science and research. One of the most important assets of the educational system of the 21st century is the mobility of people, goods and ideas. The Faculty of Sciences has been involved in European and global programmes of academic mobility and exchange at all levels. By strategically supporting mobility, we raise competences of our teaching staff and students, who are competitive, multiculturally aware and more capable to cope within an increasingly demanding arena of higher education in Europe and the world. Twenty first century is the age of knowledge, opportunities and challenges, available to all those ready to accept them. Your visit to our website means that you are ready to cope with many challenges.

Come, visit us and share with us your opinions and suggestions.

All new ideas are welcomed here.

Prof. dr Milica Pavkov Hrvojević, the Dean, The Faculty of Sciences