Temporary accommodation

Here are several useful links as a suggestion for your temporary accommodation (hostel type) in Novi Sad: Hostel Terasa, Hostel Varad Inn.

Permanent accommodation

If you come to University of Novi Sad/Faculty of Sciences for a short visit during the summer months (July and August), we can offer you accommodation in one of the student dorms. However, due to limited capacity, student dorms are not available during the academic year and all incoming students are advised to look for private accommodation and arrange it well in advance. Renting a flat in Novi Sad is quite affordable (from 90-400 EUR, depending on location and number of rooms) and sharing it with flatmates reduces the price.

We strongly recommend you to contact other students who are also coming to Novi Sad and join the “Erasmus Novi Sad” Facebook group for the relevant year (e.g. Erasmus Novi Sad 2018/2019).

For all practical info as well as help with finding accommodation, please contact Erasmus Student Network (which now manages the Buddy Network).

It is very important that you read and understand the necessary steps in regulating your stay in Serbia. For more info please read the document Regulation of stay.

Other useful information related to your exchange and mobility period can be found in this Practical Guide.

In addition, there are many real-estate agencies which can help you find a flat. We recommend some: Novi Sad Real EstateSolis nekretnineBomil where you can find more information about prices of renting and the current offer.

Please bear in mind that you will probably have to pay for their service (usually 30% – 40% of a month’s rent fee, that you will pay only for the first month). We suggest you to contact your student-buddy or, if you already know someone who lives in Novi Sad, ask them for help. Of course, you can always ask for help from the International Relations Office of the Faculty.

However, this is a good website if you want to explore on your own.

Important: Never accept the offer before considering all the aspects – location, price, bills, etc. Before you move to the flat count on laying a deposit to the flat owner (that sum is usually equal to the monthly rent fee of the flat), which will be used to cover the expenses in case of damage or other inconveniences during your stay. The deposit will be returned to you after the rent contract expires.