For all students wishing to pursue degree studies at the Faculty of Sciences, please take the following into account:

  • Faculty of Sciences does not fully conduct studies in English language yet – for the time being most of the study programmes are conducted in Serbian. Therefore, when applying for studies, you are required to have some proof that you started learning Serbian or already acquired a certificate of a certain level of Serbian language competency.

Click on the Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language

  • We encourage you to carefully consider the wished study programme and match your needs with the offer.
  • All original documents in the Applicant’s native language (if other than English) need to be translated in English (or where required in Serbian) by a certified court interpreter to be accepted as eligible.
  • Certificate(s) on completed undergraduate studies needs to be recognized in order to continue studies at the University of Novi Sad. This procedure is done by the University of Novi Sad and it may take some time. Applicants are strongly advised to submit the documents as soon as possible. It is possible to get the written confirmation that the procedure is started in order to enclose it in the application together with other documents. Enclosing it is mandatory.

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Study programmes taught in English only:

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