The need for trained chemists in modern society, science and technology is indisputable. However, due to the indispensable involvement of chemists in teams dealing with pollution and environmental issues, there is a need to broaden their knowledge of environmental chemistry. This study program is designed to prepare the student for jobs that require knowledge of the basics of chemistry that focus on quality assessment and environmental protection from a chemical point of view.

The chemist of quality control and environmental management is trained in understanding the tasks within the chemical disciplines and environmental chemistry, and is mastering the skills of forming science-based opinions. It is capable of practically applying the acquired knowledge within the laboratory analysis of chemical processes in the environment and for controlling the operation of the plant for treatment of waste streams from production. In addition to analytical knowledge of environmental chemistry, the chemist of quality control and environmental management possesses basic knowledge in the field of environmental management.

After completing four years and collecting 240 ECTS, the student is awarded the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – Quality Control and Environmental Management. There is a need for such a profile of experts within the laboratories dealing with environmental quality analysis and control, teams engaged in setting up environmental protection systems, state agencies, inspections, development teams, environmental consulting firms, non-governmental sector in the field of environmental protection and for education of the population, as in the educational sector. Therefore, students are encouraged to continue studies further towards the master’s academic studies in close area.

The Curriculum

A Distribution of the Courses into Semesters and Academic Years

Elective courses in the Study Program