Laboratory equipment is crucial for successful realization of research projects and it has constantly been modernized at our Faculty. Today our Faculty owns a multi-purposed scintillation counter Wallace System 1410 used for radio-immuno-assays and radio-receptor-assays of hormones and receptors in biological samples, GeNaJ(TI) multiple parameters low phonic coincidence gamma spectrometry system, systems for recording and spectral analysis of radiation emission from plasma, systems for technical investigation of materials, systems for X-ray diffraction investigation of materials, a gaseous mass spectrophotometer, a gaseous chromatograph with µECD detector and FID detector, a purge and trap system for preparing samples for gas chromatography, HPLC, NMR, an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV-VIS, IR and FTIR spectrophotometer, GIS – geographic information system, etc.

Fields of expertise: