The Structure of the Study Programme

Professional Title, Academic, or Scientific Title

After completion of four-year studies and collected at least 240 ECTS, the student acquires the title of BSc in Biochemistry.

The Purpose of the Study Programme

The purpose of Bachelor academic studies in Biochemistry is to educate and train students for various jobs in the fields of biochemistry and chemistry (including positions of biochemists in research, development and quality control laboratories of pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry, as well as public bodies).

The Goals of the Study Programme

Main goals of the study programme are for students to:

  • gain fundamental knowledge in biochemistry and selected fields of chemistry,
  • develop the ability to define and solve biochemistry-related problems and present the solutions,
  • acquire skills in classical and modern instrumental methods used in biochemistry, biomedicine and chemistry,
  • become aware of the role of biochemists in society development.

Other goals are for students to:

  • develop analytical and critical thinking and ability to form science-based opinions,
  • acquire skills in use of IT in data collection, processing and presentation,
  • develop the ability of individual and team work.
The Skills of Students upon Completion of the Programme

The Outcomes

The outcome of the studies is a professional with integrated, multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in the field of biochemistry and chemistry, at academic level, capable of further widening their knowledge and working in relevant laboratories and industry.

The Curriculum

A Distribution of the Courses into Semesters and Academic Years

Elective courses in the Study Program