As part of the famous global program L’Oréal-UNESCO “For Women in Science”, our chemist Dr Snežana Papović received a valuable scholarship.

How can natural products become an alternative to available drugs, what will next-generation batteries look like, and how can artificial intelligence help doctors in medical diagnostics? Marija Ivanov, Snežana Papović and Tijana Šušteršič, young scientists, this year’s winners of the National Scholarship within the world-famous L’Oréal-UNESCO program “For Women in Science” (L’Oréal – UNESCO For Women in Science), have been looking for answers to these questions. Scholarships worth 5,000 euros each are intended for the realization of their outstanding scientific research, which will be conducted in Serbia. These three great young women were presented with awards for outstanding scientific research work in the fields of chemical, biological and engineering sciences at the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Presenting the awards to the winners, Branko Ružić, the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, pointed out that the achievements of women in science are often at an extremely high level and that the society should always recognize that.

The goal of the international program “For Women in Science” is to support outstanding women researchers around the world, as well as in our country, who contribute to the progress of science and society with their dedication, achievements and vision. For eleven years now, the best young female scientists have been awarded in Serbia within the framework of this initiative, in partnership with the Commission of the Republic of Serbia for Cooperation with UNESCO, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and L’Oréal Balkan. National scholarships “For Women in Science” provide support for their further professional development and an incentive to continue to pursue science in Serbia. Since the launch of the program, more than 600 young scientists have participated in the competition for National Scholarships, and 32 scholarships have been awarded to the best ones so far, in the total amount of almost 20 million dinars.