The study program Bachelor of Science in Chemistry provides the student necessary fundamental and applied scientific and professional knowledge in the field of chemistry and related sciences. They will acquire routine in the application of both classical and modern experimental methods and techniques.

During the study the student develops analytical, critical and self-critical way of thinking. Upon completion of the Programme the student has a thorough approach to solving problems in different fields of chemistry. The level of the knowledge acquired will enable the graduates understanding of chemical processes and enable them to actively apply knowledge through solving routine tasks and problems that occur in practice in various chemical and industrial laboratories.

Outcome of the education process are competent and modern-educated experts whose knowledge is easily upgraded and who have an integrated knowledge and ability to understand the scientific basis of the field of chemistry, which enables them to perform quality and competent work in this field. Besides the employment in chemical laboratories of different profiles and purposes (research and development, quality control, standardization, monitoring, process monitoring, etc.), it is also possible to find employment in a wide range of private and state-owned enterprises, public enterprises, local institutions where there is a need for graduated chemists. In addition, the graduate student is qualified to participate in fundamental research and development projects and assignments.

After the four-year study, i.e. by earning 240 ECTS credits, the graduate obtains the title – Graduate Chemist.

The Curriculum

Elective courses in the Study Program