The Faculty of Sciences has become part of the international university network COIL CONNECT, which represents an initiative to develop a virtual exchange network of students and professors of higher education institutions. The COIL CONNECT network was started by Jon Rubin, who is also the founder and former director of the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Center at the State University of New York (State University of New York).

What type of cooperation is available?

The idea is to connect professors and students through collaborative forms of learning, teaching or research who would work together as part of already existing courses at the university. It is also possible to jointly develop new courses. For the cooperation to qualify as a COIL Virtual Exchange Course, the cooperation must last a minimum of 4 weeks. Cooperation is most often carried out in English, but other languages ​​are also represented depending on the agreement with the partners.

How is cooperation implemented?

When you find a university you want to cooperate with, the initial contact is made through the COIL coordinator, and after that professors and students communicate directly. The further process is initiated first by the professors, who jointly agree on the desired goals that would be achieved through this type of teaching, the selection of the platform for work, methods of communication and monitoring of cooperation. Then they transfer the cooperation to the students with the necessary supervision of their work. Each professor decides on the way of evaluating the work of his students and scoring.

How to start?

If you want to conduct a part of your teaching or your students’ activities through this unique form of virtual international cooperation, you can search for courses from all over the world that are looking for partners via When you find a course that interests you, contact the COIL coordinator at our Faculty, Dr Dragana Vuković Vojnović, Asst. Prof. via e-mail

It is also possible to advertise your course in which you would like to introduce COIL for the next semester or for the next school year. If you want to register your course for this type of cooperation, fill out this form with course information.

For all additional questions and information, please contact