Our institution, University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF) participates as a project partner within the EU H2020 ASCAPE project. ASCAPE has not only been listed in the EU Innovation Radar catalogue, but is was also selected for the short-list of the top 10 innovations during this year’s EU Innovation Radar Prize competition, under the Kickstarter category.

The ASCAPE Innovation, a Healthcare Open AI Platform, allows data collected and held at different hospitals and primary care centres as well as personal wearable devices, room sensors, and environmental or other relevant data to be used for training high-precision ML models which can provide personalised predictions about an individual’s healthcare progression, as well as evidence-based health intervention recommendations. It has been validated in the context of automated cancer patient monitoring with ML models trained from some of Europe’s leading hospitals and health services innovators. For further information, see https://ascape-project.eu.