Thanks to the cross-border project GReENERGYfunded by the Interreg-IPA CBC Croatia-Serbia program and implemented by the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hospitality, we have procured innovative stations for monitoring microclimatic conditions in urban areas. Micrometeorological carts (MMCs) are equipped with Hukseflux NR01 sensors in combination with Testo Globe sensor and automatic meteorological station Davis Vantage Pro2 sensors. The most important element on these MMCs is that it is possible to measure solar and thermal radiation from six different sides simultaneously.

We are proud that our institution is only the fifth in the world to have this type of instrument (after colleagues from America, China, Germany and France). We believe that these instruments will contribute to further research on urban climate and intensify further research of our Urban Climate Research Group (Dr. Stevan Savić, Dr. Dragan Milošević, Dr. Jelena Dunjić, Dr. Ivan Šećerov, Dr. Daniela Arsenović).