Erasmus+ Project “Curricula Development in the Fields of Reproductive Biology/ Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Regenerative Medicine in Serbia”, Ref. No. 586181‐EPP‐1‐2017‐1‐RS‐EPPKA2‐CBHE‐JP ART-REM led by the University of Novi Sad, with the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine as the participants, was successfully completed in June 2021 and received the highest grades on behalf of EACEA.

MAS in Reproductive Biology were enhanced and new study programmes were created at the University of Belgrade, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Academic Specialization in Animal Reproductive Biotechnology and the University of Kragujevac, the Faculty of Medicine – MAS in Regenerative Medicine. LLL courses were also created for the veterinarians and reproductive biologists – embryologists.

All three universities procured modern equipment, and a signed agreement between the three universities enabled teaching staff exchange within the above-mentioned study programmes.