Students in this field will have a broad and balanced knowledge of main chemical mechanisms, conditions and processes in the environment, their cause and consequent interdependence and relationships between them. They will master the basic methods of environmental technology and develop a range of practical skills that enable them to understand, evaluate and interpret relevant information, including basic computer skills in environmental control and management. Environmental Protection Analyst is trained to perform environmental quality measurements and controls. He has mastered methods and techniques for the determination of physical, biological and chemical agents in the environment and is able to reasonably formulate a problem in the field of environmental protection as well as to realize solutions.

After completing the four-year study and earning 240 ECTS, the students obtain professional title of Bachelor with Honours in Environmental Protection – Environmental Protection Analyst. There is a need for such a profile of experts within the laboratories dealing with quality control analysis of environment, teams engaged in setting up environmental protection systems, state agencies, inspections, development teams, environmental consulting companies, non-governmental environmental protection sector and population education, education. Students can continue their studies through master academic studies in close fields.

The Curriculum

A Distribution of the Courses into Semesters and Academic Years

Elective courses in the Study Program